Sorbus 'Joseph Rock'


Sorbus 'Joseph Rock' is a graceful and slender tree which has colour for more than one season, cream flowers in spring and yellow berries with wonderfullly coloured autumn foliage.    It is a great tree for most gardens and will grow in all soils except waterlogged conditions. 

  Only available for delivery to south Dublin or east Wicklow.

Latin Name: Sorbus 'Joseph Rock'
Common Name: Mountain Ash
Plant Type: Tree
Plant Size Delivered: 1.8m-2m high
Flowering: Cream flowers in late spring
Fruit: Yellow berries in autumn
Foliage: Deciduous green foliage turning yellow, orange and red in autumn
Mature Size: 15m high by 7m wide
Preferred Conditions:   Full sun to partial shade, any but waterlogged soil
Hardiness: Hardy
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